About us?

Founder Beatriz Romo started this project in 2006, with the sole purpose of helping open doors for talented individuals seeking job opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Since then, over 300 organizations have trusted us allowing a successful placement for more than 1000 professionals.

Today we are a multidisciplinary head hunters specialists in Human Resources, psychologists, and industrial engineers.

Functional Areas

Head Hunting and Selection (Industrial Sector)


As selection processes in this sector become more specialized and challenging, candidate competencies must be validated. This is the initial step in our Comprehensive Selection Model REDagencia®, carried out by our team of industrial engineering specialists.

Talent Recruitment and Selection (Commerce and Services Sector)


Specialist consultants in this field find the best professionals for each position and organization by implementing the Comprehensive Selection Model REDagencia®, which filters potential candidates by skills, personality, culture and life plan.

Talent Retention Strategies


In partnership with management and HR areas, we design rapid-implementation, high-impact organizational development projects and talent retention practices that translate into a more favorable work environment and the business results that you expect.

Comprehensive Selection Model REDagencia®


We ensure each collaborator possesses the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform efficiently in each position.

Relationship with the leader

We find each candidate’s personality traits that favor a positive relationship with their immediate superior and their leadership style.


We match prospective employees to your organizational culture and values.

Life and career plans

We give meaning to our candidate’s career plan by providing a scenario where they can fully develop and meet their life plan.

Our purpose

We help job seekers find opportunities where they can develop their full potential and talent, thus contributing to improve society.

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everything is possible.”

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