About us?

Founder Beatriz Romo started this project in 2006, with the sole purpose of helping open doors for talented individuals seeking job opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Since then, over 300 organizations have trusted us allowing a successful placement for more than 1000 professionals.

Today, our multi-disciplinary team consists of HR specialists, psychologists, communication scientists and industrial engineers.

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Human Resources | Management

HR specialists direct the talent attraction, selection and retention processes with the aim to ensure that potential employees reach a positive contribution to the organizational climate, while remaining satisfied and developing their full potential.

Psychologists | Analysis

Our psychologists analyse candidate’s behaviour, attitudes and aptitudes through qualitative and quantitative methods in the projected work environment.

Communicologist |Effective communication

In line with our purpose, communication specialists direct and facilitate the flow of organizational information to help our clients get the results they want.

Engineers | Processes

Our group of engineers validate candidate’s technical competencies, in order to ensure that their knowledge and experience match the requirements for the position being offered

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